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New Big 12 schedules

Just wanted to post this quickly.  If you are Oklahoma or Texas you have to love the new Big 12 schedules.  Your toughest game is early in the year so if you lose it, it shouldn’t hurt that much.  The rest of the schools, ouch!

Here is the link.

Bevo embarrassed at home by UCLA AGAIN!

First off I have to say I called this.  I picked it in my weekly pool as my 13 point game, 15 is the most points you can put on a game.  Bevo was just way to cocky going in (as were the UT fans) and well they were just prime for a loss.

I have said in a previous post to force Garrett Gilbert to try and beat you.  He just doesn’t have what it takes at this point.  … Read More....

Bevo Goes Down

Well the overrated Longhorns fell to UCLA and look pretty pathetic while doing in.

See how they do against OU.

Reggie Bush and the Heisman

Got to get my 2 cents in on Reggie and the Heisman.  My opinion is that he should have given it back.  He broke the rules and basically in returning it he in my eyes has admitted to all the stuff the NCAA has accused him of.

He broke the rules that govern how the Heisman is handed out and there for he should not be allowed to keep it.

I also agree with leaving it vacated.  It sends a … Read More....

Texas Department of Motor Vechiles

Looks like that Texas DMV came to its senses and have released a Husker plate for Texas Husker fans.  Might be dangerous have one of these on your car down there, but you have to show your Husker Pride.  Actually I wish I lived in Texas just to get one.

Huskers have to stop the turnovers

The Huskers won their game again Idaho on Saturday but for most fans, the coaching staff and I am sure a lot of the players there was a flash back to last year and in particular the Iowa State game.

The team has to stop putting the ball on the ground.  The one interception by T-Magic was a bad decision but for a redshirt freshman in his second game I can forgive that.  But putting the ball on the ground … Read More....

2010 Week 2 Ap Poll Review

Wow, so the Ap needs to make up its mind.  Huskers are 6th then they are 8th, Oklahoma goes from 7th to 10th back to 7th.

After what Oregon did to a Tennessee team that I thought was going to be a much improved team for last year that they should be a top 5 team no doubt.  Number 3 in my opinion.

Boise State however after beating what turns out to be an unexpectately poor Virgina Tech team in … Read More....

Husker Fan?

A first grade teacher in Austin, Tx, explains to her class that she is a Longhorn fan. She asks her students to raise their hands if they, too, are Longhorn fans. Everyone in the class raises their hand except one little girl… The teacher looks at the girl with surprise and says, ”

Janie, why didn’t you raise your hand?” “Because I’m not a Longhorn fan ” she replied. The teacher, still shocked, asked “Well, if you are not a … Read More....

Taylor Martinez shows he is a stud in his first action

Taylor Martinez had a breakout game on Saturday.  Given it was against Western Kentucky who has lost 21 straight, but the red shirt freshman showed Husker fans what he has.  Taylor ran for 127 yards and 3 touchdowns one of them a 46 yard run right up the middle.

Not only did he run well but he threw the ball well.  9 of 15 for 136 yards; no touchdowns but no interceptions either.

A QB with that kind of skill … Read More....

Texas and their “Downhill running game”

Texas said they are going to employ a downhill running game this season.  Based on their first game it isn’t looking so promising.  I know it is the first game of the season but against Rice I would expect Bevo to be able to do whatever they wanted.

Bevo ran the ball 46 time for 197 yards averaging 4.6 a carry.  4.6 is a great average.  Not a team out there that wouldn’t be happy with that average, but come … Read More....

Huskers 2011 schedule so far

Here is the Huskers schedule for 2011 so far.  Probably going to add a game the week before the Fresno game.  Going to be a fun season.

Sept. 10, Fresno State

Sept. 17, Washington

Sept. 24, at Wyoming

Oct. 1, at Wisconsin

Oct. 8, Ohio State

Oct. 22, at Minnesota

Oct. 29, Michigan State

Nov. 5, Northwestern

Nov. 12, at Penn State

Nov. 19, at Michigan

Nov. 26, Iowa

800 Wins

Of the 7 now schools with 800 wins 4 of them will be in the Big 10 next year. Congrats to Oklahoma for joining the club.