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Why Courtney Osborne Can Not Be Suspended by the Big 12

On the ABC telecast of the Husker’s game this weekend Ed (I make the rules) Cunningham said that Courtney Osborne’s hit on Blaine Gabbert was illegal and he should have been flagged.  He also mentioned Eric Martin being suspended for the same kind of thing.

Blaine fumbled the ball on the play and it was run back for a touchdown by Pierre Allen.  The ref’s blew it dead and said that Blaine’s forward progress was stopped and therefore there was … Read More....

Big 12 Officials Are Blind

Week after week the on field and replay officials continually miss calls.

They missed Kyler Reed making a catch against Texas to convert a third down when he clearly on replay got a foot down in bounds.  They missed a fumble by Blaine Gabbert that was returned for a touchdown by Pierre Allen in Saturday’s game.  They called his forward progress stopped on a sack.  If that is the case then the helmet to helmet hit by Courtney Osborne should … Read More....

Why hasn’t Colorado Fired Dan Hawkins

There is nothing I like more than to see the Colorado Buffalo’s get their ass kicked on a weekly basis.  But the past couple of years they have been so freakin bad it isn’t any fun.  Dan Hawkins has taken the Buffalo’s to new lows.

This guy has never posted a winning season at CU.  His best mark is 6 and 7.   Right now CU is 3 and 4 after a close loss to a mediocre Texas Tech team.

How … Read More....

Suh and Vanden Bosch Team up in the NFL

Former Blackshirts Kyle Vanden Bosh and Ndamukong Suh teamed up against the Washington Redskins to get a sack and Suh’s first TD.

Suh\’s First Touchdown

Missouri’s Lack of Class Almost Hurt Someone

During warm ups for the Missouri-Nebraska game Missouri demanded that everybody be moved off the south end of the field.  Something that has never been asked for before or done for that matter.  When the Missouri staff were trying to move the Husker’s cheerleaders and other sports teams who use the sidelines on the south side of the field to host recruits, the Nebraska staff came over to figure out what was going on and try and settle the situation.… Read More....

Huskers Down Missouri One Final Time

The Huskers dominated an unbeaten Missouri team 31-17 one final time before the Huskers move to the Big Ten next season.

The big story of the day was Roy Helu’s monster rushing day.  He ran for a Husker single game record with 304 rushing yard and 3 touchdowns on 28 carries.  Helu had touch down runs of 66 and 73 in the first quarter and 53 in the third.  Roy passed Calvin Jones for the single game record.

Missouri had … Read More....

NU the Big 12 Scape Goat for Missouri

Seems there is a lot of hate in the Big 12 for Nebraska this year.  Everybody is upset because the Huskers are leaving for the Big Ten.  All the fans that are upset at the Huskers should really be upset with Missouri.  Why?  Well Missouri is the school that started all this.

It was Missouri; actually the Governor of Missouri that came out before the Big 12 meetings and said that the University of Missouri was leaving for the Big … Read More....

BCS Week 9

The Huskers are getting no respect in the polls this week.

Auburn is getting a ton however and maybe deservedly so.  They beat an over rated but yet undefeated LSU team on Saturday.  Their QB Cam Newton is a monster playing QB.  He ran for 200 and 2 TD’s.  Threw for another 86.

Oregon and Boise still 2 and 3 respectively.

If Auburn can remain undefeated till they play Alabama on Nov 26th it sets up nicely for number 2 … Read More....

Niles Paul Comes Up Big

Niles has taken a lot of abuse over the past week for his performance against Texas.  I think he heard it.  Niles finished the Oklahoma State game with 9 receptions for 131 yards.  He also returned a kickoff 101 yards for a touchdown.

The big thing is that Niles came through.  He made catches when it counted.  Although he finished without a receiving touchdown he played extremely well.

I hope he can keep it up.  Next week against Missouri is … Read More....

Huskers Join 30,000 Point Club

On Saturday the Huskers joined the 30,000 point club.  The Huskers are only the 3rd team to join this club.  The other two members are the Michigan Wolverines and Oklahoma Sooners.  The next team likely to join is the Notre Shame(Dame)  Fighting Irish.

I was looking around to see how far Bevo is out but couldn’t find the info.  I am going to bet they won’t make it any time soon.  Notre Dame is something like 500 points away and … Read More....

Texas Falls to Iowa State

What a great day.  Sounds like Bevo thought that their uniforms were going to win this game.  Looks like Bevo was still living on the Husker win.

Too bad the Huskers didn’t get to play Bevo in Austin this year.  The Longhorns just can’t win at home.

Also, the announcers on TV said it was another sell out at DRK.  Odd, it looked like a quarter of the stadium was empty.  Guess that Longhorn fans have enough money in this … Read More....

Huskers at Okie State 2010

Wow, that was a fast paced, high scoring game. What a great way to end the series between the Huskers and Cowboys.

Taylor Martinez played his butt off. He showed the nation that he can not only run the ball but can throw it as well. He finished the game 23 of 35 for 323 and 5 TD’s as well as 112 yards rushing. Pretty impressive stats for the freshman. I am still having a hard time figuring out how … Read More....