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Looking Forward to Huskers Last Game in the Big 12

I am really looking forward to the last game in the Big 12.  It isn’t for the reasons you might guess.

If this all has to come to an end, I am extremely happy it is doing so again Oklahoma.  There have been so many great games between these two schools.  I grew up hating the Sooners.  Over the years I had learned to respect them for the great team and traditions they have and have had over the years.… Read More....

Dan Beebe to Scared to Hand Huskers Big 12 North Trophy

On Friday the Huskers won the Big 12 north, oddly there was no one there from the Big 12 to hand them the trophy, actually the trophy wasn’t there either.

Dan Beebe said he has received threats via email and phone and because of that he didn’t feel safe going to Lincoln or sending anybody from the Big 12 office to hand the trophy to the Huskers after the game.  He said that he didn’t feel there was enough security.… Read More....

Bevo will be home for Christmas this year!

Got to love it.  Bevo couldn’t win a game at home against a decent team this year and gets to stay home because they are not bowl eligible at 5-7.

I guess that Bevo might have been the team that put to much emphasis on the Nebraska game. That must have been their bowl game this year.

In the Huskers final year in the Big 12 I would have loved to have beaten the Horns but watching them struggle game … Read More....

Courtney Osborne will not be Suspended

I see a lot of searches coming in today looking for information on Courtney and if he is suspended or not.  Courtney has not been suspended.  He would have had to have been suspended before today so he is available to play today at Iowa State.

Go Big Red!

Please Help a Young Nebraskan in Her Fight with Cancer

My cousin emailed me this morning about a the daughter of one of her friends Cate.  She is a 2 year old little girl that has been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma a form of childhood cancer.

Her family is from Kearney.  They are living with friends in Omaha where Cate is getting ready to undergo 6 months of chemotherapy.  Her parents insurance has already denied some claims and are having a hard time.

These days everybody is having a hard time … Read More....

Bevo May Own Huskers on the Field but Huskers Own the State of Texas

The Huskers are just killing it recruiting the state of Texas this year.  The Huskers have 4 top recruits out of Texas.  Aaron Green a stud 4 star running back has committed as well as 4 start defensive backs Charles Jackson and Tevin Mitchel and 4 star quarterback Jamal Turner.

Those are some HUGE recruits.  Aaron Green is a great commit to go with the Huskers offense that they have been playing this season.  A fast, strong back that fits … Read More....

The Fall of the Big 12 — Bevo about to Hook’em

Today ESPN announced that it will pay the University of Texas 12 million dollars a year to carry the UT Channel.  I am wondering if the other schools in the Big 12 are starting to feel the knife in their back.

With the TV network and 12 million a year from ESPN what does Bevo need the other schools in the Big 12 for?  They can now go independent working on a lighter schedule and not share any of their … Read More....

Bevo Gives Dan Beebe an Extension

I know that ESPN and all the sports news outlets reported Dan Beebe got an extension from the Big 12 earlier today.  I think it is funny that he is credited with keeping the Big 12 together.

Really??  Exactly what did he do?  Texas never really wanted to go to the PAC-10 it was just a ploy to get the other schools that remained to let Bevo have it’s own TV station.  Which oddly enough today ESPN announced it would … Read More....

Big East Expansion and What is Left of the Big 12

The Big East has said it is interested in adding two new teams for football.  I can’t help but think that Kansas, Missouri and Kansas State have to be thinking about it.  If any one of those schools could get in for football and basketball they would be all set.

These schools have to face the facts much as Colorado did, none of the other Big 12 schools care about them.  Texas definitely isn’t going to do them any favors … Read More....

More on the Hit Courtney Osborne put on Blaine Gabbert

Gary Pinkle sent a video of the hit to the league office today.  Even Pinkle admitted in his press conference that Blaine ducked just before the hit.  I really don’t see a case of a suspension, not that Dan Beebe won’t do it.

Here is the major issue if the Big 12 does suspend Courtney.  They are saying that their officials blew the call on the field and that they also below it on instant replay.

The short version of … Read More....