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Terrelle Pryor Taking OSU Down with Him

Now that Jim Tressel is out of the picture it is on to the team.  Terrelle Pryor, the starting QB and guy that will be blamed for all this in the end is now being investigated for taking a bunch of extra benefits.  According to a report he has been linked to no less than 6 cars in his time at OSU.

I have a question, if a guy keeps showing up in a new car every few months don’t … Read More....

More on Jim Tressels Resignation

In the past couple years 2 “highly respected” coaches were caught cheating and took two of the most successful programs of the last 15 years down.  Pete Carrol apparently is much smarter than Jim Tressel.  He stayed far enough way for what Reggie Bush and the other players were doing to have some deniablity.

My guess is that what ever is coming is going to be just as big if not bigger than what happened at USC.  The coach knew, … Read More....

Jim Tressel Resigns

Well the big news today and this week in college football will the resignation of Jim Tressel from Ohio State.  I was pretty surprised to wake up to this news today.  But makes me wonder what is coming down the pipe.  I am sure this was one of those choices given to the coach, it happens one way or the other.

I am really curious to see what the investigations show.  There must be something pretty big coming to force … Read More....

Cody Green Transfer

This is a big blow to the Huskers but unfortunately it was not a huge surprise to me.  Cody Green asked to be released from this his scholarship earlier this week.

Cody played in 17 games starting 4.  He was a huge asset to the Huskers.  If Taylor Martinez struggled or got hurt it was nice to have a guy with the talent of Cody ready to jump in and get after it.

I am not surprised by Cody’s wanting … Read More....

RIP Austin Box

I just saw the Austin Box was found dead this morning.  I might now be a fan of his team but I always hate to hear about a young man dieing long before his time.  The games I saw him play in I remember thinking how talented he is and how I wouldn’t miss not seeing him next year as the Huskers moved to the Big Ten.  A great young player.

RIP Austin Box!