More on Jim Tressels Resignation

In the past couple years 2 “highly respected” coaches were caught cheating and took two of the most successful programs of the last 15 years down.  Pete Carrol apparently is much smarter than Jim Tressel.  He stayed far enough way for what Reggie Bush and the other players were doing to have some deniablity.

My guess is that what ever is coming is going to be just as big if not bigger than what happened at USC.  The coach knew, there were a bunch of star players involved.  Question is how many and were players from other sports doing it as well.

The fact that the coach knew and let it go on is going to make it so much worse.  The OSU compliance department apparently is a joke.  How this could go on for as long as it has and gone “undetected” is amazing.

So OSU fans what are you left with.  Your coach that won a National Title and 7 Big Ten championships will most likely cost you a couple of years of probation and a few season of losses to Michigan and no bowls.

How about recruiting?  This season is shot.  No permanent  coach, no idea who the next coach will be.  Who wants to go play somewhere with so many unknowns?

Jim Tressel left a mark on Ohio State.  He won a lot of game, a National Title and while all of that is good for the school.  He is also leaving it with a ton of damage that will most likely get worse before it gets better.

Chris Speilman said today that it was a honorable thing that Jim Tressel did today by resigning.  It is about time he did something honorable for the school.