USC Loses BCS National Championship the Hard Way

WOW.  The BCS voted and took USC’s 2004 National Championship away.  Amazing.  That is a clear statement that if you cheat the school is going to pay for it.  I also think it is a straight shot at Auburn.

Reggie Bush should be extremely proud of himself.  He is the only player to ever have his Heisman stripped and not USC is the only team to have its football National Championship stripped.

This pretty much makes it clear that if Pete Carrol didn’t know what was going on he is stupid.  The coaches should be held financially responsible.  Maybe not their base pay but any bonuses paid should be subject to repayment if games or championships are vacated

Get ready this won’t be the last.  I don’t think that Ohio State will have the title it won under Tressel taken away but I do think that Auburn will have theirs stripped if it is proven that Cam Newton was paid to choose Auburn which I think he was..

Schools better take note.  The next step is suing the schools for the bowl money they win.  That will change college football over night.

Schools are now on the hook.  It will be very interesting to see how this plays out in the future.

Oh yeah this also makes the Cornhuskers the last team to win back to back national titles