Getting down to it. Hello Big Ten

It is about that time.  This is going to be a very interesting year for the Huskers.  No more Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado (unless both make the Rose bowl), it is all new teams (except the non-conference schedule where the Huskers play Washington for the 3rd time in a calendar year).

Games I most look forward to? First conference game right off the bat.  Wisconsin, Alvarez played linebacker at NU and was an assistant there.  NU and Wisconsin have a lot in common; great fans, tough place to play and we both like to run the ball and play defense.  Gonna be a great game.

I look forward to the Ohio State game as well, mainly because I have a lot of friend that are OSU fans.  Could be a trap game though, usually when the Huskers see OSU on the schedule it meant buy week except in the more recent years.

I can’t wait for @Penn State to beat up on Joe Pa like we used to do, @Michigan just to play in the Big House and then Iowa for the trophy game.  Need a new trophy to sit next to the Nebraska/Missouri bell that will be at NU for the foreseeable future.

Gonna be a long year.  Rather young Husker team in a lot of key areas.  I can’t wait!

I almost forgot, NO MORE PPV!!