Colorado and Nebraska Split at the Right Time

The Big 12 made it sound like everything would be just fine after Nebraska and Colorado left for the Big Ten and Pac 12 respectively.

They should really change the name of the conference to Texas and the other 9.  The Big 12 is proving to be more and more dysfunctional.  Texas A&M says it regrets not leaving for the SEC while the getting was good and now the SEC says it is fine right where it is.

Personally I think the SEC just wants Texas A&M to do whatever they have to do to get out of the Big 12 before they accept A&M into the SEC.  That is my opinion.

Texas says the Big 12 will live on with or without A&M, but replacing a school like A&M with Houston doesn’t really sound like a 1 for 1 switch.  It also sounds like the Big 12 will be the schools left over from the Southwestern Conference and the Big 8 when all is said and done.

In the next five years I see Oklahoma and  Oklahoma State  moving to the Pac 12 or SEC together.  I also expect A&M to finally make the move to the SEC.  The question is where does Missouri fall?  Do they finally make the move to the Big Ten or do they run to the SEC as has been reported lately?  That will be interesting to see.

I think it would be interesting to see Kansas and Kansas State go to the Big East for basketball and couldn’t hurt the Big East as far as football goes.

The rest of the schools are pretty much slaves to Texas’s will.  Those schools have to feel like they are backed into a corner with no way out.

I really think that it is funny that when asked this time the Missouri AD said they had no plans to leave the Big 12.  After all that is what started it last year.  Missouri said they were leaving for the Big Ten.  This time it is A&M.  Funny how history repeats itself.

Nebraska and Colorado have to feel like they made the right move even with the money they had to pay Texas to get out.