Huskers vs Fresno State 9-2011

That was not what the Huskers thought would happen.  A Fresno State team that came to win not to be a punching bag for the “superior” team.

I am not going to review the game down by down.  I am going to say that it was a good win for the Huskers and a great punch in the face.  Exactly what this team needed in week 2.  The offense still didn’t have any fluidity in the first half but then magically seemed to gel in the second.  The Blackshirts, which definitely were not awarded after this game, played at what seemed to be half speed with a couple of exceptions.  We need to find a guy on the edge that scares other teams.  Right now they can double Crick and it doesn’t open anybody else up as it should.  Also don’t forget Dennard has yet to play this season.  His presence in the defensive backfield is missed from a leadership and experience standpoint.

The offensive line seemed to start to get a push in the second half.  Great to see.  We are going to need to run the ball downhill this season and the push I started seeing was a great sign.

This team needed this game.  They needed to trail a team that they feel they should dominate.  I hope the guys are ready for some tough practices.

Husker fans, the sky is not falling because Fresno came in and gave us a game.  The sky is actually brightening because our team fought back and showed some toughness and heart.  And the offense showed it can fight through adversity and score point.  I expected Taylor to get frustrated and fall into his shell but he kept going.  Maybe he is the leader this team needs on offense.

I am not forgetting Ameer Abdullah!  That kid is a stud.

Final thought, this team is going to be fine.  It still has a shot at the Big Ten.  They just have to start playing with some bad intentions and getting after the ball.