Huskers vs Badgers 2011

What do you say about getting pounded like that on national tv?

First the good.  The first quarter the Huskers looked good, played well on offense and defense against a very good Wisconsin team.  The o-line were moving people off the ball and pretty much doing what they wanted to.  It was good to see Brandon Kennie make some grabs and block a couple of guys so far into the bench I was worried there were flags coming.  Jared Crick played a really good first half with a blocked extra point.  Also what can I saw about Rex.  He is playing great this season and not getting nearly enough carries!

That about sums that up.

The bad….  Lets start with the play calling.  The offensive play calling was terrible.  I’ll give Taylor 1 interception but you come right back the next series and do it again???  Huskers went from in control to out of the game in all of 5 or 6 offensive plays from the 2nd to 3rd quarter.  I also have to knock Taylor for how he acted after each int.  I hate beating on one guy but Taylor get to shoulder the blame here.  Also the coaches HAVE TO fix his throwing motion if he is going to continue to throw the ball.

Honestly I want to see Brion Carnes get in and play.  Taylor just doesn’t seem to have what it takes to win the tough game.

Listen I am not making excuses for the Huskers.  Wisconsin won that game.  The Huskers made way to many mistakes to beat a team of the Badgers caliber.  3 turnovers turned into 21 points, that is hard to overcome.

The Husker defense didn’t play great but I’ll give them a little slack, they were on the field forever and as soon as they got off the field the offense would turn it right back over and they were back on the field.

The blackshirts have not done well getting off the field on 3rd down.  But there were times that Russell Wilson stood in the pocket with no one open and because of his athletic ability turned it into a positive play.  The Huskers D needs to play with a little more anger in my opinion.  There were a few times I know Crick was pissed and they just couldn’t block him.  I want to see more of that in both the offensive line and defensive line.

In the end the Huskers came to play the first quarter and a half but just couldn’t pull it back together after a turnover.  They were playing a very good team.  To win this game the Huskers had to be ready for a war.  We weren’t.  We made to many mistakes and you just can’t do that against a team like Wisconsin.

Last night on twitter the players were apologizing to the fans.  There is no need for that.  True Husker fans don’t need an apology.  You want to apologize to me?  Get out there and kick the crap out of Ohio State next week.  No apologies are needed.

The players need to remember that feeling they had last night each and every day before practice.  Use that beating as motivation for the rest of the season.  If they do that we will see Wisconsin again this year.

This is not the end it is just a new beginning for this very young team.  They will suck it up and get better.  This was not how the Huskers play football.  They guys all know that and will fix it.