Huskers Offense 2017

It has been a while since I’ve posted.  With all the craziness this season I have some things I wanted to post about.  I think I will do them in separate posts.  So here is the first one.

I watch the Wisconsin game last night and man we are a long way from anything close to the ’97 team.  While I love a bunch of the guys on the defensive line, we just don’t have the bad attitude or physicality in the depth chart to play with a team like Wisconsin.  The defense is much improved since the Oregon game, but depth on the defensive line especially is killing us.

The offensive line played its best game of the season but they pale in comparison to Wisconsin’s line.  Talk about imposing your will.  We need some guys that are out there to beat the guy on the other side of the ball into the turf.

But this is my biggest issue with our offense.  Back in 80’s and 90’s if we got down big we could rarely come back if ever because we couldn’t throw the ball effectively.  Now supposedly we can throw the ball but we still seem to have the same issue.

Honestly the West Coast offense is a failure.  If Callahan didn’t prove that then Riley is.

Here is my theory on College Football offense.  First if you have the best athletes in the country to can run whatever offense you want.  Nebraska does not have the absolute best.  It is improving and Riley and his staff are doing a great job recruiting.  But if you play Spread which the Huskers tried to do under Pelini and every other school in college football is playing some kind of spread, more than not.  The kids playing defense have 1 week sometimes 2 to prepare to play the offense the next week.  So if you play the same offense everybody else does, you are helping that defense out.  God knows the Husker offensive coordinators under Bo had NO imagination.

A great example of a team that plays an offense that no one else does and defenses have to practice like crazy for in 1 week is Georgia Tech.  Not saying Nebraska should go back to the option, but GT wins a lot of games with athletes that aren’t the cream of the crop because teams have a lot to practice in 1 week.  When this fails though, as all Nebraskans know that watched the Huskers in the 80’s and early 90’s is when you play a team with great speed.

Playing the West Coast offense requires the QB to be able to read the defense.  That is a problem in college football.  First off each team has a few guys that are NFL worthy.  So if you get a stud defensive lineman on the other team and 3 other guys that are pretty good, with the line Nebraska has right now…  Your QB is going to get blasted.

So what is my answer?  Well I am no college football coach, but the pro style offense that Alabama and Michigan play seems like a great fit for Nebraska.  Line up in the I, run 4 wide with the QB under center and a back behind him, run a little shotgun and get a big line and some stud wideouts.  Then the Huskers need a play caller that has some imagination.  If we have a QB with some athletic ability you could run option once in awhile.  Saban is constantly looking for new offensive minds because he knows you have to keep showing teams and defensive coordinators new things.

Nebraska has to find a way to put points up and keep defenses on their heels.  The West Coast offense is not the answer and I don’t believe the spread is either.