Planting the Flag

After Oklahoma beat Ohio State I watched one of the worst displays of sportsmanship I have seen in a long time when Baker Mayfield tried to plant the OU flag at the 50 yard line.  Unfortunately after playing a full football game on the field, Mayfield didn’t know it was a artificial turf surface.

Then this past Saturday Iowa State beat Oklahoma in Norman and one of their players grabbed a flag and planted it at the 50 yard line.

The Big 12 needs to get control off this as does the NCAA.  At some point players are going to see the opposing team doing that to their home field and a massive fight is going to breakout.

I was seriously underwhelmed by the apology that Mayfield gave the days after the OSU game.  The good news for Oklahoma is that they don’t have to play OSU in the foreseeable future.  The bad news for Iowa State, well OU will be coming to Ames next year and Iowa State has to play OU every year for the foreseeable future.  I personally expect OU to put 70 on ISU next year.  Maybe by halftime if they can.

This is a terrible president and one that seems to be spreading in the Big 12.

See what happens next weekend in the Red River Rivalry and if any flags get planted and then if any players take exception?

Once again however showing Nebraska made the right decision by leaving the classless Big 12.