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Planting the Flag

After Oklahoma beat Ohio State I watched one of the worst displays of sportsmanship I have seen in a long time when Baker Mayfield tried to plant the OU flag at the 50 yard line.  Unfortunately after playing a full football game on the field, Mayfield didn’t know it was a artificial turf surface.

Then this past Saturday Iowa State beat Oklahoma in Norman and one of their players grabbed a flag and planted it at the 50 yard line.… Read More....

Courtney Osborne will not be Suspended

I see a lot of searches coming in today looking for information on Courtney and if he is suspended or not.  Courtney has not been suspended.  He would have had to have been suspended before today so he is available to play today at Iowa State.

Go Big Red!

NU the Big 12 Scape Goat for Missouri

Seems there is a lot of hate in the Big 12 for Nebraska this year.  Everybody is upset because the Huskers are leaving for the Big Ten.  All the fans that are upset at the Huskers should really be upset with Missouri.  Why?  Well Missouri is the school that started all this.

It was Missouri; actually the Governor of Missouri that came out before the Big 12 meetings and said that the University of Missouri was leaving for the Big … Read More....

Texas Falls to Iowa State

What a great day.  Sounds like Bevo thought that their uniforms were going to win this game.  Looks like Bevo was still living on the Husker win.

Too bad the Huskers didn’t get to play Bevo in Austin this year.  The Longhorns just can’t win at home.

Also, the announcers on TV said it was another sell out at DRK.  Odd, it looked like a quarter of the stadium was empty.  Guess that Longhorn fans have enough money in this … Read More....