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Colorado and Nebraska Split at the Right Time

The Big 12 made it sound like everything would be just fine after Nebraska and Colorado left for the Big Ten and Pac 12 respectively.

They should really change the name of the conference to Texas and the other 9.  The Big 12 is proving to be more and more dysfunctional.  Texas A&M says it regrets not leaving for the SEC while the getting was good and now the SEC says it is fine right where it is.

Personally I … Read More....

Big East Expansion and What is Left of the Big 12

The Big East has said it is interested in adding two new teams for football.  I can’t help but think that Kansas, Missouri and Kansas State have to be thinking about it.  If any one of those schools could get in for football and basketball they would be all set.

These schools have to face the facts much as Colorado did, none of the other Big 12 schools care about them.  Texas definitely isn’t going to do them any favors … Read More....

NU the Big 12 Scape Goat for Missouri

Seems there is a lot of hate in the Big 12 for Nebraska this year.  Everybody is upset because the Huskers are leaving for the Big Ten.  All the fans that are upset at the Huskers should really be upset with Missouri.  Why?  Well Missouri is the school that started all this.

It was Missouri; actually the Governor of Missouri that came out before the Big 12 meetings and said that the University of Missouri was leaving for the Big … Read More....

Blackshirt 5 games into 2010

Last night the Blackshirts played their butts off against Kansas State.  I will admit I was wondering how they would do against that running game.  I was happy to see the front 7 play well.  The secondary wasn’t tested much but they played well in run support.  You have to love when your corners will pop a running back coming at them.

Lavonte David had a GREAT night.  16 tackles and the guy was getting his own special blocker in … Read More....

Taylor Martinez displays skills versus Kansas State

Well what can you say.  If you watched the game last night (10-7-2010) you know what I am talking about.

Taylor Martinez put on a show in prime time.  He set a new single game rushing record by a QB, 241 yards the 8th best rushing output by a player in team history.  He also score 4 rushing touchdowns.  Lots of great I-Backs on that list.

C. Jones          294
M. Rozier         285
K. Clark           256
R. Berns          255
I.M. Hipp         … Read More....