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What now for the not so Big 12

Now that A&M is leaving the Big 12 where does that leave everybody else?  I think it leave Oklahoma going to the PAC-12 or they could be sandbagging for the SEC.

What puzzles me is that people are picking Texas to go to the PAC-12??  I don’t think the PAC-12 will have them with the UT Network.  I don’t think anybody will have them with that.  I expect UT to go independant and the rest of the league scrambling to … Read More....

Colorado and Nebraska Split at the Right Time

The Big 12 made it sound like everything would be just fine after Nebraska and Colorado left for the Big Ten and Pac 12 respectively.

They should really change the name of the conference to Texas and the other 9.  The Big 12 is proving to be more and more dysfunctional.  Texas A&M says it regrets not leaving for the SEC while the getting was good and now the SEC says it is fine right where it is.

Personally I … Read More....

Oklahoma and A&M to SEC in the next 2 years

Sounds like OU and A&M aren’t so happy to be in the Big 12 and let Texas do whatever it likes.  I hear that OU and A&M told Texas that it has an unfair recruiting advantage with the UT network and that they are looking at moving to the SEC in the next couple years.

I have to say this is so funny.  It will leave UT on the outside looking in.  They will either be in a nothing conference … Read More....

Bevo will be home for Christmas this year!

Got to love it.  Bevo couldn’t win a game at home against a decent team this year and gets to stay home because they are not bowl eligible at 5-7.

I guess that Bevo might have been the team that put to much emphasis on the Nebraska game. That must have been their bowl game this year.

In the Huskers final year in the Big 12 I would have loved to have beaten the Horns but watching them struggle game … Read More....

The Fall of the Big 12 — Bevo about to Hook’em

Today ESPN announced that it will pay the University of Texas 12 million dollars a year to carry the UT Channel.  I am wondering if the other schools in the Big 12 are starting to feel the knife in their back.

With the TV network and 12 million a year from ESPN what does Bevo need the other schools in the Big 12 for?  They can now go independent working on a lighter schedule and not share any of their … Read More....

Bevo Gives Dan Beebe an Extension

I know that ESPN and all the sports news outlets reported Dan Beebe got an extension from the Big 12 earlier today.  I think it is funny that he is credited with keeping the Big 12 together.

Really??  Exactly what did he do?  Texas never really wanted to go to the PAC-10 it was just a ploy to get the other schools that remained to let Bevo have it’s own TV station.  Which oddly enough today ESPN announced it would … Read More....

Big East Expansion and What is Left of the Big 12

The Big East has said it is interested in adding two new teams for football.  I can’t help but think that Kansas, Missouri and Kansas State have to be thinking about it.  If any one of those schools could get in for football and basketball they would be all set.

These schools have to face the facts much as Colorado did, none of the other Big 12 schools care about them.  Texas definitely isn’t going to do them any favors … Read More....

NU the Big 12 Scape Goat for Missouri

Seems there is a lot of hate in the Big 12 for Nebraska this year.  Everybody is upset because the Huskers are leaving for the Big Ten.  All the fans that are upset at the Huskers should really be upset with Missouri.  Why?  Well Missouri is the school that started all this.

It was Missouri; actually the Governor of Missouri that came out before the Big 12 meetings and said that the University of Missouri was leaving for the Big … Read More....

Texas Falls to Iowa State

What a great day.  Sounds like Bevo thought that their uniforms were going to win this game.  Looks like Bevo was still living on the Husker win.

Too bad the Huskers didn’t get to play Bevo in Austin this year.  The Longhorns just can’t win at home.

Also, the announcers on TV said it was another sell out at DRK.  Odd, it looked like a quarter of the stadium was empty.  Guess that Longhorn fans have enough money in this … Read More....

Mack Brown’s Bone Head Play of the Year

This might be one of the dumbest plays I have seen.  Huskers had a DB back.  Mack Brown decides to pooch kick from a field goal formation where the fastest guy on the field is the holder.  As a Husker fan this was the highlight of the game.

Amazing.  Easy for a guy like Eric Hagg to out run a bunch of offensive linemen.

Bevo Takes it.

Well that was tough to take.

Bevo came out and forced NU into mistakes right away.  Huskers turned the ball over early spotting Bevo a 10 point lead and then Bevo drove the ball down the field to get another 7.

The Huskers did exactly what I said they couldn’t do, turn the ball over.  The defense didn’t tackle and Bevo forced NU to throw the ball.

Bevo’s D keyed on the run and force NU into the passing game.  … Read More....

Bevo Getting Bounces in First Half

Well Bevo has gotten all the bounces in the first half.  Texas had one drive that looked really good against the Blackshirts.  The other 10 points came off a fumble and a big punt return.

The Huskers are doing exactly what I said they couldn’t do.  Fumble and not tackle. One thing I didn’t see what Gilbert running the ball as he has.

Huskers just off on a couple of big plays in the first half that could have changed … Read More....