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Niles Paul Drops the Ball

Another Husker fan that I follow posted a great blog post about this and kind of got me going on this again.  The original post is linked below.

You know that saying “put up or shut up”, well Nile Paul had his chance to put up during the Texas game as did Brandon Kennie.  I hate to bag on players, but Niles has been talking a lot in the press.  I guess he thinks he is making millions in the … Read More....

Mack Brown’s Bone Head Play of the Year

This might be one of the dumbest plays I have seen.  Huskers had a DB back.  Mack Brown decides to pooch kick from a field goal formation where the fastest guy on the field is the holder.  As a Husker fan this was the highlight of the game.

Amazing.  Easy for a guy like Eric Hagg to out run a bunch of offensive linemen.

Huskers the Day After the Bevo Beating

It has been almost 24 hours since the Husker Nation was disappointed by the loss to the Longhorns.  I have had some time to reflect on the game and the rest of the season.

First off that loss was not as bad as it seemed.  The offense was stagnate yes but the QB’s both showed they can make throws that could have won the game.  The receivers and running backs need to work on catching it.  But the quarterbacks put … Read More....

Bevo Takes it.

Well that was tough to take.

Bevo came out and forced NU into mistakes right away.  Huskers turned the ball over early spotting Bevo a 10 point lead and then Bevo drove the ball down the field to get another 7.

The Huskers did exactly what I said they couldn’t do, turn the ball over.  The defense didn’t tackle and Bevo forced NU to throw the ball.

Bevo’s D keyed on the run and force NU into the passing game.  … Read More....

Bevo Getting Bounces in First Half

Well Bevo has gotten all the bounces in the first half.  Texas had one drive that looked really good against the Blackshirts.  The other 10 points came off a fumble and a big punt return.

The Huskers are doing exactly what I said they couldn’t do.  Fumble and not tackle. One thing I didn’t see what Gilbert running the ball as he has.

Huskers just off on a couple of big plays in the first half that could have changed … Read More....

It is Gameday! Bevo BBQ

It is the game that Husker fans have been waiting for since the end of last season.  Texas at Nebraska!

This is the game that for a lot of fans will make or break the season.  Not that a loss today would be the end of the season for the Huskers but some fans, especially right after the game, will feel it is.

Well the good news is that on paper Nebraska should win.  Nebraska’s D is putting up better … Read More....

Looking forward to Bevo

For those that don’t know Bevo is up next on the Husker’s schedule (10/16).

Looking forward here is what I think will happen in the game.


This will be the best defense that the Huskers have faced all year.  They offense is going to have to be more balanced and show some new wrinkles that they haven’t shown yet this year.  The Texas secondary is much faster and better prepared than Washington or Kansas State and Taylor isn’t going … Read More....