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Taylor Martinez for Hiesman Over.

Not that Taylor really had a great shot this year, being a Freshman and all but the Texas game ended it.

The problem?  Taylor is a young QB.  He ran at times when he should have dumped the ball off.  Texas played to make him win with his arm and not his legs.  They did that extremely well.  Problem is that Taylor made most of the throws, his WR’s and RB’s let him down.

If two of those passes were … Read More....

Taylor Martinez and the Heisman

After last nights performance against Kansas State there is a lot of talk by Husker fans about Taylor and where he stands in the Heisman race.  I want to get my 2 cents in.

First I think he really should be in the race based on his performance so far.  That said I don’t think he is the best player in Div I football today.  I actually think the most dominate player I have seen all year is Trent Richardson.  … Read More....

Reggie Bush and the Heisman

Got to get my 2 cents in on Reggie and the Heisman.  My opinion is that he should have given it back.  He broke the rules and basically in returning it he in my eyes has admitted to all the stuff the NCAA has accused him of.

He broke the rules that govern how the Heisman is handed out and there for he should not be allowed to keep it.

I also agree with leaving it vacated.  It sends a … Read More....