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USC Loses BCS National Championship the Hard Way

WOW.  The BCS voted and took USC’s 2004 National Championship away.  Amazing.  That is a clear statement that if you cheat the school is going to pay for it.  I also think it is a straight shot at Auburn.

Reggie Bush should be extremely proud of himself.  He is the only player to ever have his Heisman stripped and not USC is the only team to have its football National Championship stripped.

This pretty much makes it clear that if … Read More....

Reggie Bush and the Heisman

Got to get my 2 cents in on Reggie and the Heisman.  My opinion is that he should have given it back.  He broke the rules and basically in returning it he in my eyes has admitted to all the stuff the NCAA has accused him of.

He broke the rules that govern how the Heisman is handed out and there for he should not be allowed to keep it.

I also agree with leaving it vacated.  It sends a … Read More....