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Bevo embarrassed at home by UCLA AGAIN!

First off I have to say I called this.  I picked it in my weekly pool as my 13 point game, 15 is the most points you can put on a game.  Bevo was just way to cocky going in (as were the UT fans) and well they were just prime for a loss.

I have said in a previous post to force Garrett Gilbert to try and beat you.  He just doesn’t have what it takes at this point.  … Read More....

Texas and their “Downhill running game”

Texas said they are going to employ a downhill running game this season.  Based on their first game it isn’t looking so promising.  I know it is the first game of the season but against Rice I would expect Bevo to be able to do whatever they wanted.

Bevo ran the ball 46 time for 197 yards averaging 4.6 a carry.  4.6 is a great average.  Not a team out there that wouldn’t be happy with that average, but come … Read More....