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What now for the not so Big 12

Now that A&M is leaving the Big 12 where does that leave everybody else?  I think it leave Oklahoma going to the PAC-12 or they could be sandbagging for the SEC.

What puzzles me is that people are picking Texas to go to the PAC-12??  I don’t think the PAC-12 will have them with the UT Network.  I don’t think anybody will have them with that.  I expect UT to go independant and the rest of the league scrambling to … Read More....

Colorado and Nebraska Split at the Right Time

The Big 12 made it sound like everything would be just fine after Nebraska and Colorado left for the Big Ten and Pac 12 respectively.

They should really change the name of the conference to Texas and the other 9.  The Big 12 is proving to be more and more dysfunctional.  Texas A&M says it regrets not leaving for the SEC while the getting was good and now the SEC says it is fine right where it is.

Personally I … Read More....

PAC-12 Championship Game

When I saw that the PAC-12 championship game was going to be played at the home field of the team with the best record I kinda couldn’t believe it but at the same time I knew what the real motivation was.

This is obviously to get the team that is the highest in the polls from the PAC-12 into the BCS bowl, preferable the BCS Championship game.  This is huge for the home team.

College football might have the biggest … Read More....