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Jim Tressel Apologizes

Today Jim Tressel apologized for his lack of judgement in the scandal that is rocking Ohio State football right now.  I am not really sure what good it will do?  He apologized because the school required him to.  Heart felt or not it is to little to late.

If John Cooper had made these same errors he would have been out by now.  Fired and no looking back.

I wonder how many more apologies Coach Tressel will need to make … Read More....

Jim Tressel Needs to be Fired

Ohio State needs to end the bleeding and just fire Tressel.  The longer this goes on the worse it is going to get for the school.  Tressel said he told no one of the emails he got telling him of what was going on with his players.  As it turns out Tressel told Pryor’s mentor.

Tressel has shown he can’t be trusted by his school to do anything but cheat and win.  It seems that OSU is ok with the … Read More....

Jim Tressel Should be Suspended for the Season

We now know that Jim Tressel knew all season that his kids were breaking the rule.  We also know he didn’t do anything at all about out.  He didn’t do what he is mandated to do by the NCAA or by his own contract with Ohio State.  The administrators at OSU were fine to slap him on the wrists for his lack of judgement and subsequent lying when it all finally came out.

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